Valentine Giveaway! (Contest Closed)

**NOTE: A winner has been chosen for this giveaway - thank you to all of you who entered!**
I love the season of Valentine's Day! Everyone is filled with love and happy thoughts towards the people close to them. Plus, all of that pink is so fun! Just recently, one of my fabulous customers did an amazing thing. She sent me an email, requesting to anonymously purchase a necklace for another girl who had commented on how much she wanted one on a picture on my facebook page. I don't know if she even knew this other girl or not, but it made me excited about sharing good fortune and passing along a good thing to others. So I had this idea for a fun giveaway that helps YOU win, but also get the amazing feeling of giving back and suprising someone else! Here's my idea:

In this giveaway, you are not only entering yourself to win something, but also a person in your life that you love! I am offering not one, but TWO prizes. I am going to send prize #1 to the person who wins the giveaway, and prize #2 will be anonymously mailed to the woman of the winner's choice! Pick someone really special that has made a difference in your life and deserves to be spoiled a little in return. Each prize is going to be a gift worth OVER $50 of an assortment of fabulous B Jewelled pieces!!!

To enter this giveaway, you must do 3 things:

1 - Become a fan of B Jewelled on facebook. If you're already a fan, that's great!

2 - Invite 10 friends to become fans of my B Jewelled facebook page

3 - Think of someone special in your life that you would love to spoil a little with a Valentine's surprise!!

Once you have done all three of those things, leave me a comment here on this post. Tell me in your comment that you're a fan on facebook, that you have suggested the page to 10 of your friends, and one special thing that you love about the person you chose, without mentioning who it is. Make sure to leave your name, and your email address so that I can contact you if you win!! The contest is running for exactly ONE WEEK, and closes at midnight on Janruary 31st. I will then randomly pick a winner, and they will be notified on February 1st.

** NOTE: Make sure that you DO NOT leave the name of your special person - it would spoil the surprise if they read it!! The whole idea of this giveaway is for that person to receive a package from B Jewelled without knowing that it is coming :) If you are the winner, I will ask you at that time for the name and address of your special person.
Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

I did it Brandi! :) Oooh, it would be SO fun to win! Mostly to be able to GIVE IT AWAY to someone else! Love the idea!

Anonymous said...

I like B Jewelled. I invited 10 friends and the person I would give the package to is always thinking of other people ahead of herself...so it is time to give back to her!! :)

Sharla Davey

Audrey Martens said...

I did it! The person I would like to give it to is always taking care of my kids when i need a break or have app. to attend or so me and my husband can go on a date!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I love it! I shared it with my entire Facebook! Hopefully you get some great referrals. I have a friend who never treats herself to anything. She deserves some beautiful jewels! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Debra Dillabough

Lindsay said...

What an amazing package, and you are such a sweetheart!
I couldn't find the suggest to friends, so I emailed your fb profile to all of them! Oh I would LOVE TO WIN THIS!

Susan Hiebert said...

Hi Brandi, I suggested your page to all my friends a few months ago when I found you on FB, but I will suggest it again. The person I would like to surprise is someone very close to me who has been there for me through thick and thin. She is always there for me when I need her and loves my kids as much as I do. She deserves a little something special. Thanks for your fantastic creations, they made for some great gifts this past Christmas.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I think my daughter and daughter-in-law would like to have these prizes.
Charlene Ashton

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandi! I'm a fan...of course!! And i've invited 10 friends. I have a close friend who's always there for me who would love your stuff!

Angela Siemens

Anonymous said...

...and my email is jasie@hotmail.ca

Sorry, i forgot that on my post!
Angela Siemens

Cindi said...

I'm a fan and messaged 10 friends about your site! I am torn between who I would choose to receive this! There are so many amazing women in my life that it's hard to choose just one! But should I win, I'm sure I could narrow it down to one.


Rachael said...

Im a Fbook fan and I am sharing your Fbook page with my friends! I think this is a great idea!!! One question though, can we give both prizes to people we love cause as beautiful as your stuff is I know 2 people I would really like to gift with something this special! They a both never do anything for themselves but are always quick to lend a hand when needed!

If I would win you can message me on Fbook - http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=719666642

Christine said...

Such a great idea Brandi!! I have been a fan for a long time and I love both of my pieces from you. I am posting this on both my regular FB page and my Tupperware FB page. The person that I would send this too is one of my very best friends even though there is a number of years difference between us. She is a super hard working for her family, friends and church! She is so deserving of this!

Gina said...

I've been a facebook fan for a long time! I also posted the link on my facebook page. The person I want to send this too is such a special unique person! she's been a big blessing in my life.

patti said...

i am a fan! posted a link to your site. and suggested to 10 friend. and i have a friend who i'd love to see win!

Hildebrand-5 said...

hey there! I am a fan of your site and I've suggested it to others. The person I'd love to see win has a genuine heart for others and just loves pretty things. I'd love to be able to bless her with such a great gift!

Kim said...

I posted it as my status because I couldn't find the suggest button. There is someone really special in my life who is just an all around great person and always putting others before themself.

Erica Hildebrand said...

This is so exciting, Brandi!!! I LOVE IT! Okay...I sent 10 invites, I'm already a HUGE fan of yours, and I have someone in mind who I would love to bless with this jewelery. She doesn't have a lot of pretty things, because she can't afford it...so I would LOVE to bless her with this gift! I WANNA WIN so I can give it to my friend! :)

Joanne said...

I've been a fan on facebook for awhile now! I LOVE your pop up sales/give aways! I couldn't fine the suggest button so I "shared" it on my profile and status. The person I would like to bless if I won has been a huge part of my life for a long time, and is always there for me.

Stacey said...

Hey, awesome idea! I just invited a whole bunch of my friends to check out your page on Facebook. I have a special friend in mind :)

Amanda said...

Hi Brandi! I haven been your fan for a long time. I love your jewelry and always feel special when I wear it. I shared your link on my facebook profile. The lady I would love to bless with this gift is my best friend who is always there for me and is so loving in all she does.

Anonymous said...

Done!! I cant wait to see who wins this! The best part is giving a set to someone who deserves it!! Love the idea!! I think i will struggle with who to choose tho. I have many friends who dont do enough for themselves!! email is istdyck@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandi! Love the idea! Very special! I shared your link with 10 friends too!! The women I would like to bless is my sister who's always there for me and makes me smile and laugh!! Nothing better than a sister!! :)

Chris Zelisko

Susanna said...

Hey, i just invited a bunch of my friends on fb to check out your page. i have a very special person in mind this person has always been there for me through thick and thin.



Ellen said...

I now 'like' you on FB :) I invited 10 friends and I know of a special lady that I would enjoy spoiling :) What a fantastic idea!!

too_blue4u69 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Robin Fehr said...

I am a fan (favorites) and shared the link with 10 frinds plus posted to my profile.
my email address is fehrhome@mymts.net. I also have the name of a lady that needs spoiling!

CT Designs said...

Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway Brandi!! I'm a big fan of your work & I shared on Facebook b/c I couldn't find the "invite friends" button anywhere and I didn't know which of my friends were already fans of your work. I hope that's okay. As far as the special person in my life, I think there are too many women in my life that are special that I would either give both packages to different people or I would split up the items and spread it to even more than just one or two people. Many of these women have supported me in my Christian walk as a wife & mother or just been there as a great friend!

Ayne said...

What a great idea! Have always loved your stuff, been a 'fan' for a while already.
I inboxed a dozen of my friends with the link and info, wasn't too sure how to share.
I have so many friends, it will be tough to narrow it down if I win!

Tina Refler said...

I am a fan on Facebook, and I invited 10 friends to become fans. One thing I love about my special person is how I can be myself around her (and vice versa).
Tina Refler - tinahdl@hotmail.com

Helena Klassen said...

Hi :) I have been a fan for some time now, love your stuff! I have invited at least 10 friends, and the person i would like it for is very special to me, she was there for me when I lost my babies, and I was so heartbroken. She let me cry and talk for hours, when everyone else was tired of hearing about it. I love her to bits!!

Amanda said...

Hi Brandi!

Ok, so I'm already a fan of your Facebook page and I posted on my wall that people should become a fan of your page. The person I chose is a wonderful mom and has such a giving heart. She is always sacrificing for her family and I believe she needs some beautiful jewelry for herself.
Amanda Kroeker - schredds@hotmail.com

Eva Kehler said...

Hi Brandi,
I too am a fan of yours on facebook. I posted the link to my profile and I too have somebody in mind to share this with if I would win.

Eva Kehler said...

I forgot to leave my email,

Martha said...

I have messaged 10 people to join your group - and am a fan already....LOVE the idea of sharing with someone special!
Hopefully my luck will keep on going :)

Connie Mann said...

Hi Brandi! I am a FB fan & have been for quite some time. I also just "shared" your link & status on my page & I suggested to all my friends to "like" your page. The person I have in mind to give a gift to is 20 + years younger than me but we have bonded & become the best of friends. She ALWAYS thinks of others first & puts herself last. She is a great Mom, friend & person & is so deserving of being splurged upon. I would SO love to win this so I could bless her & make her feel as special as she makes *everyone* around her feel. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway & I just LOVE your jewelry :)


Connie Mann said...

I just noticed there's a typo on my email address (I got in too much of a hurry, I guess~tee hee!).
My correct address should be:


Thanks again! :)

Shane & Trish said...

1) I "Like" B Jewelled
2) I have invited 10 friends!
3) The person I am thinking of is my best friend in the whole wide world...depsite the almost 35 year age difference between us!

kelly donaires said...

Hi Brandi,

I have done your first 2 steps. The 3rd would be for a friend who is far away but always close in my heart. She is the best mom I know and puts her kids first. She would give you the shirt off your back if you needed it. She is currently pregnant with her 3rd so I would love to surprise her with something for herself

Andrea said...

Hi Brandi,

I'm already a fan of your page!
Still in love with the necklace you made for me!!
I suggested your page to 10 of my friends1
And i have wonderful lady in mind that does so much for me and i would love for her have a little treat!

Bonnie said...

Hi Brandi...
I am a fan... and I suggested your page to 10 of my friends!
I still love the necklace you made me and get many compliments on it.
I have a few friends that all deserve a beautiful surprise.... but if I win I will have it narrowed down to just one. lol. :)