Want to update your jewellery wardrobe but don't have the cash, or you'd just like to reward yourself and earn some jewellery for free? Why not host a B Jewelled party in your home and let me bring the jewelry to you and your friends! I have three party options availible:

Dress it Up!
Have an outfit that you'd love a piece of jewellery for? This is the place to figure out what that perfect necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet looks like! Tell your friends to bring a piece of clothing along (or wear it!) that they'd like to match something up to, and I'll help them either pick something out or create a custom piece for the perfect look. My entire collection of finished pieces will be laid out for shopping, as well as an album featuring pictures of previous pieces I have done to get the ideas flowing.

Build-your-own Bracelet
Invite up to 10 friends, and they'll each get to lay out beads for a bracelet in any style or color that they choose! They can even decide how much their bracelet will cost ($10 and up) and choose the beads accordingly. I would then make up the bracelets and have them delivered to you as the hostess within a week's time. I'll also have my other jewellery pieces displayed for shopping as people arrive, and after the bracelets are put together.

Come and See
This is a jewellery viewing party that you can do either as an open house, or as a party where you invite your friends to come over for a couple of hours. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and all you have to do is hang out, eat, and have fun shopping! All of my completed pieces will be laid out for everyone to look at and try on throughout the party.

The Night Of . . .
I would arrive half an hour before the guests arrive to set up my display. Once your guests have had a chance to mingle and browse a little, I'll give the party and my buisness a small introduction and explain the hostess benefits for hosting a party. Overall, I want you and your friends to have a fun and relaxing girls night in, and what makes for better female bonding than shopping?! Browse and try on the jewellery that I have along, or order something customized just for you. All the hostess has to do once the party starts is sit back and have fun.

How to Plan
All you have to do is invite your friends, and if you want, prepare some yummy snacks! Upon your request, I will even supply official B Jewelled Party Invitations. I can also supply an electronic invitation that can be emailed to your friends if you prefer.

Hostess Rewards:

What better reason to host a party than to get FREE jewellery? Hostesses of a B Jewelled Party will receive a $15 gift certificate to spend on any item they choose. At least two people besides the hostess must purchase jewelry, and the combined guest total for purchases must be at least $100 for it to be considered a party. Additionally, you as the hostess are able to profit off of the total sales if of your guests - you will receive credit for 10% of purchases (not including your own) As an added bonus, I will give you a free gift if you one of your guests books a party of their own.

Just an Idea . . .Only about half of the people invited actually come to a home party. Keep that in mind and invite at least twice as many people as you'd actually like to have at the party. For those who can't make it, suggest they look at this website and remind them that they can help you out by calling you with an order until the day of the party to increase your hostess credit. Also, remind your friends about the party when you see them throughout the week! This is a great way to touch base with those who haven't committed yet or to remind those who wanted to attend but had forgotten the date.

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