**These necklaces are all availible in a variety of styles and colors upon special request**
Crystal Clear De-Art

Galactic Garnet
Flashy red crysal set with Garnet stones

Red Magma Cycle
The glittery Cubic Zirconia donut adds holiday shine to this deep red crystal

Bermuda Ribbon
**Close-up shot of the Bermuda Blue Crystal **

Bermuda Blue Dangle

Cosmic Ruby

Crystal Shadow Tear
Accented with the deepest purple pearl disks

Amethyst Cascade
Glittering disk chain shows off these circle-cut deep purple crystals,
clustered and dangling into a 'v'.
Rolo Jet
This striking chain adds a real statement look to this assymetrical black crystal

Galactic Green
This large chunky clear crystal is set off with bright green pearls for a punch of color